Browncow is a Cape Town based studio and has been designing since 2005, specialising in graphic design for print, like logo design, corporate identities, brochure design and web design and development. Although located in Cape Town, we enjoy helping clients throughout SA.

How do we work? Our strategy is to work closely with our clients throughout the creative process so that their expectations are understood and their requirements are met. Working closely, helps us understand the ‘bigger picture’ in terms of what our clients do and also gives our clients a window into what we do as designers. All in all, we strive for transparent, happy relationships with our clients and suppliers.

Why the name Browncow…way back when, this was a drink enjoyed by many, an odd mixture of coke + milk (or a coke float when mixed together). Odd as it was, it worked, pretty much like our creative team.

So, what do we actually design? We do logo and business card design, corporate identities, brochures, posters, magazine ads, packaging design, annual reports, infographics, design for websites and website development… pretty much anything that needs designing.

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